the following services:

& coordinating projects

cutting crossing

New asphalt, concrete
or rubber panel crossings

Asphalt, concrete
or rubber panel removal

Ballast removal
& replacement

Crosstie removal
& replacement

New Asphalt, concrete
or rubber panels installed

Tear out and re-building
crossing approach transitions

Will Provide all material
or install materials that you provide

Hauling all
materials to job site

Clean up, hauling
and disposal of all old material

Crossing removal


trained and certified

For years C&S Rail Services has planned, coordinated and performed temporary road closures for interstates, state roads, county roads, city streets and private plant entrances. Our crews are trained, certified and credentialed through ATSSA (American Traffic Safety Services Association) approved training. Our crews are also E-rail certified, trained, certified and credentialed in Roadway Worker Protection to perform work on or near the railroad track for railroad crossing closures. We provide the following temporary road closure services:

Coordinate and schedule road closures with D.O.T, state and local municipalities and their agencies
Public communications/notifications through newspaper when required
Public communications/notifications through signage when required
Plan, route and set-up detours and barricades as required
Set-up of message boards for high-traffic roads as required

We provide all management, personnel, equipment, signs and tools.